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What is your estimate fee?

Estimates will be provided for all repairs, and it is free of charge for the estimate in case of you approve it. However, if you refuse the estimate, there will be a $25.00 estimate refusal fee

Do you service extended warranty plans?

We are providing worrenty for the purches from our company. we sell the used items with 3 months worranty.

What problems can you repair?

According to our experience the most common problems for camera are Error on Lens, Damages on Lens, LCD replacement, broken battery door, Flash light problems, water damages and shutter failure. we are usually repairing the problems match less than the replacing the charge. if the customers demand to repair for more cost evaluation we will satisfy them.

Can I courier my camera for repair? if yes how to pay? who will pay for the courier?

Sorry. we are not encouraging the people to courier or mail their product to repair. we like face to face conversation to evaluate the repairing estimation.

Where do I drop off my camera?

You can bring your camera to JEA Electronics. The Address is on the bellow. click the Google map for the sharp location. We are available at any working hours from Monday to Friday. Click Here
1560 Brimley Road #105
Toronto, ON, M1P3G9

How many working turnaround time for repairs?

Well it is a good question!. Most of the repair average 1 to 3 days. In case of parts shortages and other circumstances are not avalable cause delays the repair average 7 to 10 days.

Do you think is my camera worth repairing?

It is a good question, we usually recommend our customers to compare the repairing cost with the replacing cost. If the repairing cost is near or around the replacing cost you better to replace in case of repair the camera. If the cost of the price is half or less than cost of replacing the camera we would recommend to repair. you can be confident that when you hand over your camera for an estimate , our first action is to whether the camera is economical for you to repair.